To the editor,

This morning at approximately 9:30, I was parked on West First Street with two empty parking spaces on each side. When I came out of the bagelry, two monstrous, overgrown pickup trucks had parked on both sides of me blocking me in. I got in the car and was inching out to see if anything was coming. I didn’t see another huge truck coming in back of me until I felt a bump. I looked in my rear window and saw the side of the truck that I had bumped into. I got out, looked at it’s right fender (or whatever it’s called) with the driver of the truck and saw a white streak about 3-inches long and smaller ones underneath. I felt them to see if there were any dents or scratches, didn’t feel any and told the driver.

My question is: I was inching out very slowly and my backup lights were on, so why didn’t the driver let me back out instead of pulling up in back of me and blocking my car? Also, he had the red light with two or three cars ahead of him so he could have let me back out. I think the city should designate the parking lot on West First Street across from the Picture Connection or one side of West Second Street for these things so they stay away from cars and people downtown and can obstruct each other and see how they like the hassle of insurance claims and repairs to their vehicle and others involved.

P.S. — This also applies to the huge, oversized vans that park downtown.

Grace Raes


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I agree. Cars routinely get blocked in down there and dangerous/frustrating situations abound. The city could have radically rethought that entire area with all the money Cuomo gave to Barlow but instead they built a big building and kept the congestion and frustrations exactly the same. Large commercial vehicles should be dropping supplies off elsewhere, not in the middle of the street, especially not that street. Peace.

Eventually, we''ll adopt the world-wide model for vehicles. Small, light-weight, nimble and efficent models for transportation are the norm everywhere else, vs the US's bloated, space-hogging, gasoline-wasting behemouths that micmic their driver's taste for everything large and wasteful. California is the way the rest of the states eventually go, fashion-wise, culturally wise and environmentally-wise and they'll be using 100% electric vhicles by 2030. It just takes the rest of the states time to catch up.

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