To the editor,

Disabled living can be very difficult, especially during a pandemic. Living in a rural county with poor access to vital services like Oswego makes what I'm going through absolutely unbearable.

I qualify for a transitional living apartment but they are not accessible. These same apartments allow smoking, which makes me very ill. I'm in between care managers - by about a month - and have no clue if or when I'll get another one.

I need help with filling out apartment applications, packing and moving but guess what - I'm struggling to get help with that too. I have an emotional support animal and need updated documentation for him but guess what: I don't currently have a mental health provider and the clinic I used to go to has a wait list a mile long. I have a CPAP machine that's on recall and to date, I have not been able to get help with replacing it. I was told to stop using it but to do so would be dangerous.

So here I sit, in an impossible living situation that is taxing my patience, physically and mentally. No one wants to help me get out of here.

Why is it so hard for disabled people to get help in this county? Can someone please explain this? I regret moving back here in 2003. I never thought I'd say this, but I probably would be better off if I stayed in Syracuse.

If I wasn't confined to a wheelchair and had more money to live on than my fixed income, my access to services wouldn't be as limited. Affordable healthcare does not exist either, even though our state is run by the Democratic Party which pretends to care about people like me. I can't win.

Diana Manwaring

Central Square

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