To the editor,

U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer speaking this week about the flooding on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River was quoted by the Buffalo News saying, "There's been terrible management by the IJC (the International Joint Commission), no cooperation by the Canadians — they don't give a darn if our areas flood, and that has to come to an end. And we are here to do that, because this has happened over and over and over. It's going to happen every few years unless we get permanent structural change."

He apparently also said, “We're gonna go after them.”

Given the gross inaccuracy of his statement, it was disappointing to see this to say the least.

Attacking the foundation of what is frequently hailed as 110 years of exceptionally successful cooperation on boundary waters issues between the U.S. and Canada is counter-productive. Joining in the chorus of hyperbolic and mis-directed blaming in the era of President Donald Trump and Gov. Andrew Cuomo could well result in drastic unintended consequences for Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River water quality and management if the Boundary Waters Treaty falls victim to this assault on science-based policy making.

Unfortunately, while it may make those affected by this year's flooding happy, political pandering really targets them by diverting attention and resources from real solutions and forestalling the hard choices ahead.

Lee Willbanks


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Year-to-date precipitation in much of the Great Lakes region is running 150- to 200-plus percent of normal.


$300 million from NY will help.

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