To the editor,

Democrats have a choice in the upcoming primary election between two candidates who want to run against Republican John Katko: Dana Balter and Francis Conole.  I’ve watched both Balter and Conole in a debate and met them both in person.

Three days ago, a large flyer from Conole’s campaign came in the mail. If I had doubts about whom to vote for, those doubts vanished when I read the deceptive statement claiming the Sierra Club and several other organizations are refusing to endorse Dana Balter this time because they know she can’t win.

I know that’s a lie about the Sierra Club, because I contacted the Atlantic chapter to find out the facts.  I was told that “The Sierra Club rarely endorses in primaries and... the decision was made not to endorse in this primary,” referring to our 24th Congressional District.  The group no more refused to endorse Balter than it refused to endorse Conole.

Conole’s brochure is right about one thing: those who don’t want the Trump-supporting John Katko to win can’t risk losing this election. But I, for one, do not want another politician who misleads and uses facts in deliberately dishonest ways. We’ve had more than enough of that from the White House.

Mary Loe


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