To the editor,

Don’t write-in for county clerk! The information Terry Wilbur is sending out is misleading at best. Yes, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has the right to appoint someone to a vacancy in the office.

Has Cuomo ever supported the Democratic party in Oswego County before? No. Even if he did, there still would be a special election next year — he cannot appoint someone for a four-year term.

If Wilbur is misleading you now, just think what he will do if he wins. He is a true politician.

A vote for Mike Backus would force a special election where we the people will have a chance to ask each candidate questions about the running of the Department of Motor Vehicles and other business at the clerk’s office. We can ask about the elimination of long lines, wait times and empty tellers station at the DMV. Force a commitment and hold the elected party to their word.

If there is no special election, we will not have a chance to ask these questions.

Frank Castiglia Jr.


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