To the editor,

I am happy to say that the Oswego County Democratic Committee has endorsed 20 candidates running for office this November. It is great to see such a large slate of Democratic candidates with so many inspiring ideas to help move Oswego County forward. I believe these candidates are all wonderful people who are enthusiastic about taking office and are ready to create positive change in our county.

The candidates are:


Daniel Farfaglia: Mayor

Dennis Merlino: 5th Ward

Don Patrick: 3rd Ward

Ernesto Garcia: 2nd Ward


Susan McBrearty: 1st Ward

Maureen Wills: 2nd Ward

Jonathan Ashline: 3rd Ward

Diane Zeller: 4th Ward

Matthew Fleming: 5th Ward


Jim Jackson: Town Council


George Peterson: Highway

Betsey Passer: Supervisor

Randy Ladd: Town Council


Ken Auyer: Town Justice


John Dunham: Supervisor

Shenvalee Lee: Town Council

Kelly Reader: Town Clerk

County Legislature

Tim Braun: 17th District

Tom Drumm: 16th District

Marie Schadt: 19th District

I am excited to see a large slate of democrats running for office in Oswego County. There are many new candidates as well as some incumbents. These candidates all bring fresh ideas to the county on issues like working to tackle the drug crisis, creating new forms of sustainable energy sources, inviting new businesses to the area and improving infrastructure.

These issues are important to keep our cities and towns clean and a beautiful place to live. It is my hope that I am not alone in these feelings and many others will get out to vote on Nov. 5 or engage in early voting which starts on Oct. 26.


Ericka Solomon


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