To the editor,

I’d like to say thank you to the 535 members of Congress for choosing public service, an honorable profession.

They have accepted a responsibility that upholds and honors the United States Constitution. Noble for sure, but... have you recently read the preamble to the Constitution? It contains the essence of the job description.

“Establish justice” should be relatively easy but what did lawmakers do to ease the pain of no justice for many Americans who have been killed by police, by mass shooters in public places, by a runaway virus? Where is the justice?

“Ensure domestic tranquility” and “promote the general welfare” seem self-evident but our society is in extremis because these 535 have not cared enough to protect those who have so little and because of the virus have lost even that. Which of them lost homes, vehicles, income, savings or health insurance because of this pandemic? Do we truly believe that cutting the extra and substantial help for unemployed kept these people from going back to work because they made more (and how sad is that) on unemployment? Or perhaps some simply wanted to keep themselves and their families safe from exposure to a deadly virus running rampant across the country?

“Provide for the common defense” also seems self-explanatory but  protective equipment for health care workers is still short, testing is not readily available for anyone who wants or needs it, medical care workers are overwhelmed and without relief. How is this state of affairs defending the people of the nation?

“Secure the blessings of liberty” really encompasses all of the above phrases from the preamble. But has Congress done this without regard to political party or personal belief systems? After spending the past seven-plus months doing virtually nothing to follow these charges by the Constitution except to very quickly approve a new justice to the Supreme Court. Does this really assist the millions of Americans who have lost virtually everything in this pandemic? Does this help the landlords and businesses who have gone under or who are about to because Congress could not vote to approve funds for individuals who can no longer support themselves through no fault of their own? What if President Franklin Roosevelt had not taken this country into great debt to forestall the ravages of the Great Depression?

I think they have forgotten or ignored what they were elected to do. To them I say: Shame on you, as we say to children who misbehave. Shame on you for doing little or nothing in all these months. Shame on you for letting politics get in the way of your sworn duty. Shame on you for ignoring the pain of those you were elected to serve and protect. Shame.

Barbara Wall


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