To the editor,

In response to the letter published April 21, “Ego battle could have Oswego County casualties.”

Everyone exhibits ego — it is the awareness of self as related to others and the surrounding world. How ego functions can range from positive to negative depending on our conscious choices, behaviors and experiences.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is very different from President Donald Trump.

I know our governor; Andrew Cuomo is a friend of mine. I also knew his father, former Gov. Mario Cuomo. Mario Cuomo appointed me to the newly legislated Canal Recreationway Commission in 1992, as well as the New York State Fire Prevention and Building Codes Council. I had the pleasure of working with both Cuomos during the eight-year period I was Oswego mayor (1992-1999).

I worked with Andrew Cuomo during his time as secretary of the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development during the administration of President Bill Clinton in the 1990s. Governor Cuomo has only the best interests for all people of New york state, not just upstate or downstate. The state of New York is more than that: i.e, Long Island, the Southern Tier, central New York, western New York, the North Country, etc. To consider New York only as two components (the up- and downstates) is a decades old and outdated concept. Furthmore, it has become ever more clear that our geographic sectors function best while functioning together. Andrew Cuomo definitely understands that.

Just as Andrew Cuomo, and his father before him, showed great interest in the people of Oswego, I am also confident our current Mayor Billy Barlow has a very positive relationship with our friend, Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Dr. Terrence Hammill


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