To the editor,

Why are the health department and other officials turning a blind eye to all the out-of-towners that are up here fishing from states that are on the New York quarantine list? Visitors from many states are on the list to lock down for 14 days, but no one is sending them back home.

If we have to, then they should also have to do it. All they’re doing is infecting our city. I know a lot of businesses could use the business, but we all don't need to catch COVID-19 so let's get on the ball and stop the spread.

Joseph Harrington


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You might want to pick up the US Constitution. The right to move freely from State to State is an incident of national citizenship protected by the privileges and immunities clause of the Fourteenth Amendment against state interference. Mr. Justice Moody in Twining v. State of New Jersey, 211 U.S. 78, 97 , 29 S.Ct. 14, 18, stated, 'Privileges and immunities of citizens of the United States ... are only such as arise out of the nature and essential character of the national government, or are specifically granted or secured to all citizens or persons by the Constitution of the United States.' And he went on to state that one of those rights of national citizenship was 'the right to pass freely from state to state'. Id., 211 U.S. page 97, 29 S.Ct. pages 18, 19.


Nonsense. There is NO CONSTITUTION RIGHT to endanger the lives of citizens of ANY state by spreading diseases. The right to pass through does NOT include the right to infect or cause serious harm to others. Transients may be obliged to demonstrate that they are not a public nuisance (a vagrant, a criminal avoiding prosecution or sentencing, a pauper) and they may be interdicted until such time as they so prove. The rights of a transient do NOT usurp, nor exceed, those of a citizen of a state. If a state can quarantine a resident in times of epidemic - and it can!, it can quarantine a transient. Transients may enter a state but they are subject to the laws of that state. FOR EXAMPLE: A gun permit from another state will not protect anyone from NY justice if an unlawful weapon is imported. Put simply: Transients may freely enter other states but they must obey local laws. PERIOD. Is your degree from Trump U. Law School?. Get your money back!

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