To the editor,

I jumped to conclusions and was wrong.

And I need to commend US Section Chair of the International Joint Commission Jane Corwin for not meeting either my low expectations or the too-high expectations of the property owners now being terribly impacted by this year’s high water on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. Not to mention the many politicians pandering to those property owners who expected Ms. Corwin to blindly do their bidding.

My error was to believe she would. To her credit she has not.

In the month plus she has been on the job, she has met with the affected public and most certainly had many meetings with the IJC professional staff. Undoubtedly it has been a steep learning curve and taken a personal toll seeing first hand the power of a flooding Lake and River.

But she recently stated, “Certainly it’s a very difficult situation and even eliminating Plan 2014 today wouldn’t fix what’s happening right now.”

It’s good to be wrong and have it turn out better than you expected. Now we can turn to the real work of building resilient and sustainable shorelines that work for the environment and riparians.

Lee Willbanks


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