To the editor,

I am up for re-election to the Fulton Board of Education.

I have served on the Fulton  board for five terms (since 2001), and I have served as the board clerk, vice president (2006-2007) and president (2012-2018).

I have served during tough budget years and always advocated for our students, staff and school community. During my five years as board president, our decisions saw an increase of our high school graduation rate from 63 percent to 83 percent. I also presided over the board that completed our search for a new superintendent, resulting in the appointment of our Superintendent Brian Pulvino. In 2017, I received the Oswego County School Boards Association's "School Board Member of the Year Award," and I was likewise recognized by the CNY School Boards Association for "Extraordinary Service in Public Education."

As a board member, I have been a political advocate at the local, state, and federal levels. I have served on several committees with the New York State School Boards Association, and have twice completed their "Master Board Member Training Program."

My lifelong commitment to public education is what inspires me to run for a sixth term. By career, I am an educator. I taught in the Baldwinsville Central School District for 10 years, and I am currently a principal in the North Syracuse CSD (19 years). I am the parent of two sons, who are currently students in the Fulton City School District. As a parent, educator, administrator and as a seasoned board member, I bring experience and a diverse perspective to the role and responsibility of serving on the Board of Education. I have been part of governance teams that have navigated change and years that were and still are fiscally challenging for our school community.

 I hope to continue to serve my community.


Dave Cordone


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