To the editor,

On Nov. 3, 2020, I’m voting for America. I’m voting President Donald Trump and Claudia Tenney.

We live in a world of complex issues and mass information. It’s tough to know what to believe from what we hear and see in the media.

I believe we have to look inside ourselves and determine what we stand for. I believe that individual rights and freedoms are important. I believe individual responsibility and accountability are important.

I’m tired of the left wing hating America and their destruction campaign.

I believe all lives matter regardless of skin color, gender, creed or orientation. I believe the unborn deserve a right to life. I believe people have a right to own property, and defend myself by force of arms from all enemies foreign and domestic. I believe in good stewardship of the environment, and helping others by giving a hand up. I believe in tolerance, diversity of thought, and I believe in cooperation. I believe in working for balance of opposing forces and ideas and reasonable discourse and measures to gain and implement real solutions and consensus.

I believe President Trump and former Congresswomen Claudia Tenney believe these things as well. I believe they’re working for all of America. Please take a moment and look into your own being and make your best choice for life. I’m voting Trump and Tenney for all of America.

Bradley Trudell


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Where do kids in cages fit into your "hand up" narrative? They don't. Where does opening up the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge and Bears Ears to drilling fit in with your environtmental stewardship narrative? It doesn't. Where does telling the prowd boyz to stand by fit in with your tolerance narrative. Again, it doesn't. Where do 40,000 yearly gun deaths fit into your armed defense against domestic enemies narrative? It fits in because you are prepared to add to it. When will you realize that your statement about left wingers excludes the rationality of your entire letter? You won't. Eyes Wide Shut. To go forwards, vote Democrat.


Kids in cages came from the Obama Administration. Do some research before stating a lie. The head of Proud Boys is a Cuban. People kill people, not guns.


Do you really want the FACTS out in public? FACT: The leader of the Proud Boys is Enrique Tarrio, FACT: Mr. Tarrio is an AMERICAN of Afro-Cuban ancestry. FACT: Mr. Tarrio is an unsuccessful REPUBLICAN candidate for Florida's 27th Congressional District, a multiply-convicted Federal-level felon, and the Statewide Director of "Latinos for Trump". Currently he runs a T-shirt shop in Miami specializing in far right, fascist, and violent propaganda-themed outerwear. His criminal organization extols violence. Admission and promotion through the ranks is reported to depend on assaulting persons who do not adhere to its "peculiar" dogma - as at the Charlottesville VA riot that led to the vehicular murder of a female bystander. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) said that Tarrio's tactics are reminiscent of the "mobs Castro has long ago used in Cuba."

Do you have any credible source for your bizarre clam that "kids in cages" originated with the Obama administration? Take all the time you want. But don't lie. You're not good at it. As for your last sentence, everyone knows what a lame lie it is. Even if it's simple enough to fit on a cheap gimme cap.

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