To the editor,

Oswego wishes to retain people, yet allows landlords to chase people away.

Oswego city officials are taking bows for overdue repairs around town, passing ordinances against “For Rent” signs while there are 6-foot tall “Realtor For Sale” posts every block, planted like trees.

City officials think planting flowers will keep people from moving and encourage some to move here, yet completely overlooking one of the biggest problems in this city. Every college town has issues, and makes it very hard for non-students to rent anywhere, but it doesn’t help that the city closes a blind eye to so many landlord problems.

The city constantly has landlord owners not paying their taxes or just barely and  punishing families because students will pay more. Landlords often do not fulfill their end of a lease. Some do not honor their own leases, they raise the rent all the time even in a pandemic, they push to evict people during the pandemic where it is against the law,  have townhouses infested with bugs and will not respond to the city’s order to exterminate.

The math is very simple: people leave an area if there are no jobs and no places to live. Central New York and Oswego want to retain people, but ignore a real problem driving people away: horrific Oswego landlords.

Oswego city, enforce your own rules and wake up. The landlord situation here is driving people away.

Jill Abbott


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