To the editor,

Concerning the City of Oswego’s project to create a “micro-park” out of Market Street and a portion of Water Street north of Bridge Street – it appears to have been planned without consideration for the businesses whose commerce it disrupts. Access to Larry Klotzko’s Old City, for example, is currently extremely restricted. On Tuesday, the only available ingress and egress to Old City Hall was through a little-used door at the south end of the building.

On the other side of Water Street from Old City Hall there was, Tuesday, uncollected garbage in the refuse bins because the construction had prevented the removal service from accessing those receptacles. The ongoing activity, with its blockage of access, has visibly diminished customer traffic in the area. With a proposed schedule of four months, the “micro-park” endangers longstanding businesses by inconveniencing their clientele and reducing the incentive of that clientele to exercise its preference.

The city government ought to have foreseen these problems and taken steps in advance to avoid or at least minimize them. Not having done that, apparently, the city government should halt work, confer with the affected businesses, and find a more courteous way of carrying the project to its conclusion. In its conduct, the city government has shown disdain for the hardworking entrepreneurs whose taxes sustain it.

Thomas Bertonneau


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