To the editor,

There has been much controversy regarding the new grain facility that is being built at the Port of Oswego Authority and the “View Shed” that may be disrupted.  Most of this controversy is misguided regarding not being able to see the lighthouse because the structure being built might block the “View Shed” while driving down East First Street towards the lake.

The city is spending thousands of taxpayers’ dollars again for outside council to bring legal action against the Port, and for some reason the city law department doesn’t seem to have the ability to handle this action. The city also is ignoring the fact that this new facility at the Port is slated to create new jobs and help the local farmers around the county to move their product (grain) efficiently.

It is also interesting that Mayor Billy Barlow wants to change the traffic pattern on East First Street and has proposed a “center median” with several trees in the middle of the road. The drawings of these plans are very inviting, but, if you plant trees in the middle of the road, and along the sidewalk on each side of the street, does this not block the “View Shed” of the lighthouse? There is an old saying that maybe the mayor and his legal team should think about: you cannot see the forest through the trees.

Let’s face it: if people want to see the lighthouse, they can go to the riverwalk on both sides of the river, view it from the harbor shore, take a boat ride out to see it, view it from Fort Ontario or numerous places along the lake shore.

As city attorney Kevin Caraccioli once told me at a Physical Services Committee meeting regarding a historical fence around City Hall that was removed: this is much ado about nothing.

Mayor Barlow, let’s stop wasting the taxpayers money on lawsuits with thousands of additional dollars for outside counsel and let the port continue with their expansion and bring some more jobs to Oswego, which we have not seen a lot of in the past few years. For once I agree with Mr. Caraccioli, this is much ado about nothing.

One more minor point, if you are driving down East First Street towards the lake, maybe you should be concentrating on the road in front of you and not looking at the “View Shed.”

Dick Atkins


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