To the editor,

 The closing of our churches lies on the shoulders of the hierarchy.

20 years ago, the discussion was already in progress. I was a part of those meetings. When the parish twinning started, it was the beginning of the end.

The fact that we don’t have any young men entering the seminaries is the result of the lying, cheating, self indulgent behavior of the men wearing the collars. Even if they were not a part of the systematic abuse and cover-up, the “good” ones NEVER protected the kids. They ran with their tails and looked the other way.

Anyone who knew and did nothing are guilty by omission. The results? A devastated remnant of what was once the largest practicing religion on earth. Position, power and possession warps the minds of Bishops. The bible calls them whitewashers of truth.

We cradle Catholics are devastated by the “news” of our beloved church closings. In reality, we were once again duped...used as pawns in their ugly game of chess.

In a cowardly act, we had to read the results in the Diocesan newspaper. While they have tried to spin it into making us think it’s all our fault, low attendance, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Another ploy is to try and herd the cattle into one stall and singing Kumbaya like it’s a great thing.

This city and its churches have great historical significance. Each building shows the unique significance of the immigration pattern of this great nation under one beautiful umbrella. This is, and was Oswego.

For the last 20 years many churches ran restoration campaigns asking for large donations and monetary pledges. Much work has been done recently to St Mary’s for example. Question: Were the powers to be digging into our pockets just to make these buildings marketable? Yes! Follow the money

Susan Sweet


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Sandra Barbaro

I am surprised that no one has commented on Susan Sweet's letter regarding the church closing. I share her anger. This is a travesty and God knows it. Since I returned to my hometown and my childhood church in 2005 after my retirement, I wondered at the paucity of programs in the city planned to keep young Catholics from dropping out of church. This diocese's indifference was in stark contrast to the church I attended in Melbourne, Florida. Lay volunteer ministers were appointed to run inviting groups for young families, for young adult men , for teenagers and fo newcomers. As a result, churches were packed with a full range of parishioners; not just the geriatric stalwarts of our Oswego churches . So successful was this church, St John the Evangelist, that they were able to build a new multimillion dollar church in 2017. When I wondered aloud at this contrast in attitude, I was met with indifference. " We don't have enough staff, young people leave the area after high school, young people don't get married in the church etc." I can't help wonder if this tragic outcome is just what the hierarchy wanted. I believe that we are not alone in our grieving; God also wept.

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