To the editor,

Central New York has long suffered as a second class part of New York with much attention focused on the downstate economy. We constantly hear from legislators what they have done or are doing for the economy in our area, when in reality their words are just that: words.

I would like to propose one simple, single action plan to give back thousands of dollars annually to our residents, with almost no effort except on the part of Gov. Andrew Cuomo except to endorse a change.

For almost fifty years I have lived in central New York, and almost 50 years National Grid has delivered gas and electric services that include delivery charge that is so out of proportion to the product received. Here is my example: My Oct to Nov 2019 electric used was $15.90 while the delivery charge was $44.58. My gas service used $8.84 while the delivery charge was $41.40. So my total used supply was $24.74 while my delivery was $85.98.

It might be time for the governor to sharpen his pencil and close or eliminate the PSC that continues to rubber stamp increases for National Grid.

In addition in 50 years National Grid has not improved or upgraded lines or gas anywhere in my service area. They do, however, want to tell you when power is out that we will have it back on in a few hours or more, or we need to send someone to check your lines.

This continued process cost all of our small business’s income, while National Grid does little to approach improvements.

Finally, I have residences in Florida, and out west, and none of these have costs approaching National Grid. None have a delivery charge, and all have upgrades continually. The two other residences will also have weather issues. While not snow they do have hurricanes, storms, excess heat. So please, Mr. Governor, do not ask us to believe that National Grid is under some special weather conditions worse than the other providers. They simply are not.

Last if my delivery cost for one month was $85.00. That would mean I had $1020 to buy groceries, clothing, and support my family with goods and services I can really use.

I know no one cares about us in central New York, and I know they love to give lip service to all of the accomplishments they say they have made for us. But they have not.

Thanks for listening as thousands of New Yorkers exit for other states.

Trygve Stout


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