To the editor,

Bob Lonsberry is styling himself as  an expert on crap. Perhaps that is why he indulges in it every time he puts pen to paper. His latest column in Wednesday’s edition of The Palladium-Times, in which he accuses  Joe Biden of being “full of crap,” amounts to a sort of projection on steroids. He takes issue with the rollout of Biden’s presidential campaign, which by all accounts has been very successful. No wonder Lonsberry and his ideological ilk would try to rain on Biden’s parade.

Lonsberry’s thesis is that Biden clung too much to old shibboleths and failed to stake out a bold new course. Not so. The bold new course Biden outlines is a return to the rule of law, decency, and civility. It is a new role for the President as uniter instead of divider-in-Chief, and an end to the vilification of those who are not like us. It is a campaign that truly embraces the working class citizens of this country — not by instilling fear and invective but by stressing hope and investment in a more secure financial future for all of us. Lonsberry in effect echoes Trump’s sentiments that in the 2017 Charlottesville riots, there were good people on both sides. He fails to perceive what really went on in Charlottesville.

I have not made up my mind yet in the Democratic Party race for the presidency. There are many talented and well-qualified candidates out there. Joe Biden is certainly one of them. Contrast any of them with the current occupant of the Oval Office and the difference could not be more marked. They are everything the current president is not. They are thoughtful, measured, confident and composed.

What puzzles me is how Trump supporters can be so ethically blind and  civically obtuse.We literally have a crazy-ish man  occupying the highest office in the land, untethered by anything except his own unbridled narcissism. The fact that the Bob Lonsberrys of this world choose to ignore that is beyond me. In 2016, many voters chose “anybody but Hillary”. In 2020, I suspect the same voters will choose to cut the crap and vote anybody but Trump.

John T. Sullivan Jr.


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