To the editor,

I am the CEO/Chairman of Health Way, a homegrown small business employing hundreds of residents located in Pulaski. A top manufacturer of high-quality indoor air purification systems, our company has been a leader in indoor environmental quality solutions for more than 30 years and its air purification systems are used worldwide for medical facilities, clean rooms, hotels, cruise ships, and private residences. Health Way manufactures a full range of medical-grade air cleaners for a variety of customers, such as Lenox Hill Hospital, Mount Sinai Health System, Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and North Shore University Hospital, as well as the entire Oswego Health System.

Regardless of size or sector, operating a business in New York state presents specific challenges. On occasion, we have reached out to Assemblyman Will Barclay for assistance with navigating governmental red tape or expanding our products into new markets. Will has a strong desire to see a local company grow and expand, and has always gone above and beyond to advocate for our company and its employees.

Will Barclay is the right person to assure job expansion and economic development in the region. He has been a valuable partner for local businesses and has always fought for measures to enable communities and businesses to prosper. During these challenging times, he has the experience and the commitment to get our local economy back on track. He was earned my vote for state Assembly and I would encourage you to support his re-election.


Vincent Lobdell Sr.

CEO/chairman, Health Way


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You know, I read this and I'm almost impressed. Then I did background checking and I read Mr Lobdell's statements (in a 2016 interview) about a near disaster caused by using defective materials sourced from China. I have to wonder: "Who is responsible for testing and releasing incoming raw materials?" "What was the failure mode? Inadequate specifications? Non-specific test procedures? Lack of independent management review of results and decisions by a quality function? So I dug a bit deeper. This is not my area of expertise, so I searched online reviews. Owler rated the company 10th out of 10 in their industry group. Owler reports the company has 178 employees, not "hundreds". THE COMPANY WEBSITE states "It employs about 190 people WORLDWIDE." "Some of the company's portable devices are made in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. He's gone on business trips to more than 50 countries and frequently travels to China -- a trip he took for seven to 10 days each month during the first decade of the business." "This year, Lobdell plans to begin making its residential air cleaners in America." Get back to us when you and Will Barclay bring a few good paying jobs in manufacturing back to the US. Talk is cheap, but not as cheap as Chinese labor, is it?

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