To the editor,

On July 22, I received a flier in the mail from my New York State assemblyman. In light of everything going on with the COVID-19 pandemic and the urgent economic crisis, I expected the flier to contain updated information regarding the COVID-19 virus or perhaps a survey about what services constituents feel they need most.

Instead, I was completely outraged to discover that precious taxpayer money had been used to send out a flier entitled “Manktelow’s Firearm Digest.”  The “Digest” provided information detailing a list of gun-related legislation for which Mr. Manktelow had cast a “No” vote.  Thankfully, important common-sense legislation such as the Red Flag Law and Safe Storage Act have passed into law despite Manktelow’s no votes.

At a time when people are facing record unemployment, navigating the loss of their health insurance, struggling to put food on the table, and living in fear of getting the deadly COVID-19 virus, I find Manktelow’s “Digest” of information to be completely tone deaf.

The picture on the flier shows a group of hunters sitting around the campfire without a care in the world, but perhaps worried that they will have to register their homemade “ghost” gun. I don’t know about you but my priorities are completely different from that of Assemblyman Manktelow.

Consequently, I will not be voting for Mr. Manktelow, who currently represents the 130th Assembly District that includes segments of Oswego, Cayuga, and Wayne counties including the towns of Oswego, Minetto, and Hannibal.

I will be casting my vote for Scott Comegys, who is committed to working on issues related to health care, economic development, the environment, agriculture, and education. In the 2020 elections we must vote for candidates who are able to identify the serious problems that we face and offer concrete solutions. Mr. Manktelow’s “Digest” is a disgraceful misfire.

Patty Familo

Oswego Town

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