To the editor,

How does defunding police departments correct the problem we are experiencing as a nation? Without laws and people to enforce the laws that have been put in place to protect us, you would have a world of survival of the fittest! Eat or be eaten — just like the animal kingdom!

We all live in an over-taxed society, like it or not. The first groups to be attacked during budget seasons are the departments that do the most for us. Municipal workers who keep up the towns, villages and cities we call home. The fire departments who protect our homes and come help us in a tragic health emergency. Police officers who put their lives on the line everyday they go to work. These are people who run into trouble not away from it!

How do you tell these first responders not to have their guard up with the situations they encounter on a daily basis. Drunks, drug addicts, mental health issues, domestic violence and just bad people are their daily encounters.

It’s an unfortunate truth that every workplace has bad people that work side-by-side with good honest people. Let’s not persecute all the good ones for the few bad.

Today we look at health care workers as heroes because of this pandemic we are living. The fact is these people have always been heroes! That also includes the policemen, firemen and municipal workers that we want to defund!

Let’s not make a bad situation worse by creating more chaos. Let’s give them the tools they need to keep them safe so they can get home every day to their families. Allow those departments to get rid of the bad, not us by taking the funding away.

We don’t live in a computer game where you can push a reset button every time we dislike something. We live in a world that changes by the minute. All lives matter! Let’s not make it worse!

Patrick J. Carroll


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Well said.

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