Editor’s note: The following is an opinion piece, not a news item. Its purpose is to demonstrate that if the United States does not seriously address its mass shooting crisis, the tragedies playing out across the nation with shocking regularity can, and will, happen here.

OSWEGO — Gun violence came to the Port City today as (a gunman/multiple gunmen) attacked the (community event/public space/school).

Early reports indicate at least (X) dead and (Y) wounded. (Z) are still missing, according to police.

Crowds of crying people surrounded the scene at (location) as law enforcement and first responders worked to secure the area and tend to the injured. A makeshift memorial of (school colors/slogans/names of victims) has been erected at (location).

“We have the situation under control and are working through the difficult process of identifying victims,” said (law enforcement official). “We’d like to thank the community and all our fellow emergency personnel workers who came to help.”

Details are still unclear but according to witnesses, the (gunman/gunmen) fired multiple shots at (a crowd/individuals/children) before being subdued. No motive has been determined, according to police.

“We are shocked at this unbelievable tragedy,” said (elected official). “We ask for your patience and compassion as we try to process this senseless loss of life. When I return to (Washington/Albany/city hall), it will be my mission to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.”

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Repeal 2A. 18th century laws don't meld with 21st century reality. Then, when it gets peaceful again, slowly relinquish the ban, unless the carnage returns. Wherever the guns are, hate gets deadly. No one "needs" a gun. Hunting can become sporting by the use of arrows instead of bullets.

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