To the editor,

On Father’s Day, I went to St. Paul’s cemetery to water the flowers I have been growing at my parents headstone. When I turned the corner of the drive to the grave sight expecting to see the flowers that have bloomed magnificently over the past couple of weeks I was mildly shocked to see that somebody had ripped them from the ground.

Somebody apparently appreciated the work that had lovingly been put into beautifying my families section of the cemetery and decided to pull them up and take them home with them. I realize there are people who go to the cemetery not to honor loved ones interred there but for other reasons, so I’m not totally surprised by this selfish act.

My only request to these people is to respect objects, even flowers, found in the cemetery that family members look forward to seeing every time we go to visit our loved ones at their final resting spot. Respect for this entire sacred site is all that I ask of you.

Joe Haselbauer


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