To the editor,

How would you like to earn money for school meals for kids, bus service for senior citizens and highway repairs for all drivers?  All you have to do is answer the 10 questions on the U.S. Census by Sept. 30.  It’s that simple!

Those ten questions aren’t snooping into your personal life, such as the 1940 census asking for the highest school grade you completed, or your physical status like the questions in the 1850 through 1890 censuses asking if you are disabled, a pauper, or a convict.  Or how would you like to say how many blind, deaf, and/or “dumb” people are in your household, as asked for in the 1830 and 1840 censuses?

Please, help you and your fellow citizens of Oswego County painlessly earn more money for which the many services the state and federal governments provide money, as well as determining congressional districts.   And the information is not tied to your name; the Census Bureau has to abide by the law and use it anonymously.

Thank you!

Joyce H. Cook

Oswego County

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