To the Editor:

Most of you have opinions   of why tornadic activity, flooding, fires and hurricanes have increased, some could say geometrically, and whom to place the blame.

This is certainly not as a lot say of what the federal governent could do (Bush, Obama and Trump).

It is also not Mother Nature, for this is a falsely declared form of man creating god that he can relate to for the physical aftermath.

Finally, it is not climate change, again for all alive now to bring by physical means of reckless behavior.

The real reason we’ve seen these intensifying changes are from the real God, the Father, and the real creator Jesus Christ.

In the Book of Acts, Chapter 17, verses 15-33, the apostle Paul explain how our worship should magnify the ten commandments, not today the massive displays of idolotry that most support.

For our national behaviors, one could forcefully say we are being spanked, yet even worse is approaching which will take millions of lives.

This is our fate and now they allow a period of ease, we await the greatest and most horrible national defeat in world history of men.

Joseph Wolcik


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Why does a newspaper allow an opinion piece from someone that can't spell meteorology and is unable to comprehend the fundamental scientific differences between meteorology and climatology? No, I did not read the entire "article" as a cursory glance showed it disregarding science and stating the bible as fact.

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