Leigh M. Monette

Leigh M. Monette

On Jan. 28, 2021, our friend and brother Leigh Michael Monette left our sides and entered into further pursuits of enrichment and enlightenment.

Leigh is remembered by his daughters, Aerin and Lydia; their mother, Lori Sheldon; his parents, Bettie and Leo; his brothers, Jeff and Mark; his aunt Kelly, aunt Betty and cousin Julie Ware-Maynes; uncles Harold, Mike and Greg; nephew Foster, and nieces Robin and Charlotte, along with many other friends and acquaintances.

Born on Pi day in 1972, Leigh was always large than life. He was a dedicated father and a guiding force for his younger brothers. Leigh had a laser bean concentration for his interests and goals. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the University at Buffalo and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Denver.

His fascination with technology led him to develop and enhance user interfaces with cellular devices that most of us use today. His understanding of law and philosophy could lead anyone into a night-long discussion over anything.

He loved golf and fishing. In his books you would find everything from law journals to studies of Eastern religions. Leigh believed in justice and balance. Truly eclectic, he could enjoy a sunset, as well as driving fast to heavy metal.

Leigh’s absence has created a hole under all of us. He has touched and changed many lives in so many ways. We invite each of you to keep Leigh’s memory alive in your hearts and remember that this is not goodbye.