Justin J. Luongo

Justin J. Luongo

Justin James Luongo was born on Aug. 8, 1987 in Oakland, California and died on January 21, 2021 in Oswego, New York. During his 33 years on earth, this double Leo spread sunshine and warmth to those who knew and loved him as well as to passing strangers. His inquisitive mind kept him questioning, always seeking to understand. 

In his early years, Justin studied Tae Kwon Do and attained his Black Belt at the age of 9. He played piano by ear and also played a variety of sports including soccer, basketball, swimming, cross country and wrestling. As a high school senior he was captain of the wrestling ream.

While in middle school, Justin participated in a Coming of Age Ceremony through the Unitarian Fellowship of Mount Kisco, New York and joined the congregation there.

His hobbies, while a boy, included collecting magic cards, pogs, beanie babies, and roller-blading. As a teen and adult, he loved snowboarding and being out in nature, whether it be hiking, gardening or kayaking. Like his grandfather before him, he had a green thumb and took loving care of his plants.

In his adult life, Justin worked a variety of jobs. His favorites involved working outside and included working at Sugarbush and most recently for the NYC Parks Department where he was in charge of his own small park in the Bronx.

Above all else, Justin loved his family and friends. He is survived by his loving parents, Laurie Luongo and Robert Gulian, and his brothers, Noah and Robin Luongo. His extended family includes his grandmother, Helen Luongo, uncle Larry and aunt Nancy Luongo; aunt Elly Riley, cousins Will and Tess Riley; uncle Graham and  aunt Anne Gulian, cousins Max, Ollie and Charlie; aunt Robin and uncle CB Farnsworth, cousins Miles McLeod and Jake Farnsworth; aunt Caroline Gulian, cousins Alex and Sabrina Moret;  He was predeceased by his grandfather, Professor Ernest Luongo, grandmother Martha Murray, aunt Suzanne Horton (Luongo), uncle Bob Riley, cousin Spencer McLeod, biological father Peter Dougherty.

A memorial event is planned for August in Westchester County where Justin spent many years with his family and friends.

Arrangements are in care of Nelson Funeral Home.