Three charged with felony meth possession, production

From left, Cody Thomas, Tyler Drake and Melinda Trumble. All three have been charged with felony methamphetamine possession, the Oswego County Sheriff's Office said Monday.

WILLIAMSTOWN — Three more individuals have been charged in connection with what police describe as a meth lab based out of a Hyundai Sonata in Williamstown.

Cody K. Thomas, 26, and Melinda S. Trumble, 24, both of Pulaski, along with 25-year-old Tyler E. Drake of Williamstown, have all been charged with multiple serious drug offenses and were remanded to the Oswego County Correctional Facility without bail, police said Monday.

All three defendants were charged with second-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, a Class A felony. Thomas and Trumble were also charged with third-degree manufacture of methamphetamine, a class D felony. Drake was charged with first-degree manufacture of methamphetamine, a class B felony. Drake’s elevated charge is due to a previous conviction, police said.

Thomas, Trumble and Drake are allegedly part of a group of meth manufacturers that includes James R. Wilcox, 30, of Sandy Creek, who police last week apprehended after a sharp-eyed deputy spotted the fugitive Wilcox while he was on the lam.

The charges are part of a continuing investigation dating back to May 24 after a Department of Environmental Conservation officer discovered the four’s alleged meth-mobile, a 2000 Hyundai Accent, near Bartley Road in Williamstown. The DEC officer then alerted the Oswego County Sheriff’s Office, said Lieutenant Brian Wills on Monday.

After a sheriff’s investigation allegedly revealed what police characterized as materials commonly associated with the production of methamphetamine, Thomas, Trumble and Drake were cooperative when confronted by police and arrested, Wills said. Wilcox, however, “ran from the scene and wasn’t located until a few days later.”

“[Wilcox] ended up in a traffic stop and the deputy involved was tied in and knew who [Wilcox] was,” Wills said. Wilcox again attempted to flee on foot from the traffic stop but was apprehended, adding a charge of resisting arrest to his rap sheet.

Police believe the four were allegedly producing methamphetamine for personal use and not for distribution, Wills said.

The three defendants are scheduled to answer their respective charges in Williamstown Town Court today.

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