T1D Oswego County Present Panelists for Discussion

Pictured: Claudia Chetney and Lea Hickey

Local grass roots group “T1D Oswego County” will be hosting the first of its kind forum represented by all ages of children and adults who live with or care for someone with type 1 diabetes.  The forum to be held on November 6th at the CITI Boces in Mexico is the beginning of a series of panel discussions and events entitled T1D Connections.

Featured among the 12 panelists will be second year Lemoyne College student and Oswego Native, Claudia Chetney.   Chetney who was diagnosed at age 11 after watching her brother live with T1D for 7 years, brings insight to the pre-teen / teenage years as well as college life with type 1 diabetes.

Chetney is also a National Ambassador for Team Type 1 representing athletes across the country living with T1D.   Having supported many newly diagnosed children in Oswego County over the years, Chetney will share her personal views about diabetes including the “hard and challenging times,” and how you can help someone with T1D through them.

Joining Chetney on the youth panel discussion is her college roommate Lea Hickey.  Despite only meeting each other their freshman year at Lemoyne, Lea has been Claudia’s key person when living away from home.  Hickey will share her thoughts on supporting a person with T1D, becoming comfortable with caring for them, and the impact it has on friendship. 

The panel discussion is open to any interested community members.  Beginning at 6:00 p.m., participants may attend one or both of the two diverse panel discussions; the youth panel with children and young adults ages 6-19, or the adult panel with individuals 20 years and older.  Panelists include not only children with Type 1, but also friends, parents, nurses, “all giving insight into all those who play a role in the lives of those living with the disease,” noted Leanna Cleveland, OCO Community Health Coordinator. 

T1D Oswego County is community collaboration with insight from the Oswego City/County Youth Bureau, parents of children with Type 1 Diabetes, Oswego Health, the Oswego County Health Department and Cornell Cooperative Extension.   For more information, visit and follow T1D Oswego County on Facebook.   To RSVP to the Forum, call 315-349-3451.  Refreshments and childcare will be provided. 


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