Suspicious but harmless package closes 481 in Fulton

FULTON — Law enforcement officials closed sections of state Route 481 in Fulton on Thursday evening and a bomb disposal team was called in to investigate what ultimately turned out to be a harmless parcel.

Fulton City Police received a call reporting a suspicious package shortly after 8 p.m. Thursday in the area between Harrison Street and Shaw Street and officials snapped to action.

“Initially we checked to see if there was anything obviously suspicious about the package and in this case, it was suspicious enough that the next course of action was to make the area safe,” said FPD Chief Orlo Green on Friday morning.

Local businesses were evacuated and the roadway closed to traffic while police examined the package, which Green said was “wrapped in foil and beeping.”

FPD then enlisted the aid of a bomb squad from Onondaga County, who arrived on scene to probe the mysterious package, which was not an explosive device but instead what police believe to be an anti-theft device from a retail store.

“Nobody saw where it came from and there wasn’t anything indicating where, as far as a store, it might have started out,” Green said, adding it was possible the device was left over from a larceny but had no further information on its origin or purpose.

At approximately 10 p.m., 481 and businesses were re-opened to the public.

Assessing the response of his department, Green said “everybody did what they were supposed to do.”

“These protocols kick in when we have a suspicious situation,” Green said. “Safety is paramount for the public and our officers and we appreciate the assistance from Onondaga County.”

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