SUNY Oswego senior aims to honor and recognize Class of 2020

Pictured, Oswego County native and member of the SUNY Oswego Class of 2020 Alexis Bowering.

PENNELLVILLE — A SUNY Oswego senior has taken matters into her own hands.  Alexis Bowering, a 2020 senior graduating with a bachelor’s degree in public relations concentrating in marketing, has started her own campaign to recognize and honor the SUNY Oswego senior class of 2020.

Bowering this week kicked off a social media campaign asking seniors to send her their pictures and information so she can properly honor them. As of today, SUNY Oswego has announced they will have a virtual ceremony featuring speeches but not specifically mentioning any senior individually.

Bowering felt the need to offer a way for seniors to be individually recognized.  A social media post encouraging seniors to send their personal graduation information to her directly has been established, and responded to with overwhelming response. She had a goal of providing a universal link to a compiled slideshow honoring each graduate that wishes to participate.  

Any SUNY Oswego graduate wishing to participate can send their information directly to

In a column earlier this month published exclusively in The Palladium-Times, Bowering reflected on her final, bittersweet semester:

“Sadly, many things I have been looking forward to have been postponed or canceled.  The Student Involvement Awards are canceled for this year. I finally made it into the Communication Studies Honor Society but the induction ceremony is postponed. This was particularly upsetting, because I have always been a solid B student. During college I applied myself and had a lot of long nights to get my GPA higher. The Honor Society was a goal since my sophomore year and I finally achieved it — only to be denied the induction ceremony. Most importantly, making typical but lasting senior memories with my best friends is not longer possible. We can’t hang out after class, go on midnight runs to McDonald’s, take weekend adventures or even hug goodbye when we leave for the ‘adult’ world. With all of these negatives, as always, there is a silver lining. My best friend and I talk on the phone twice a day and we are closer than ever. In March, I thought everything was going downhill. I have come to realize that everything happens for a reason, even though I do not quite understand it yet. You have to keep going, hope for the best and plan for the future.”

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