SUNY Oswego’s Funnelle Hall to be used for COVID-19 Quarantine

Funnelle Hall

OSWEGO — SUNY Oswego President Deborah F. Stanley announced Monday  Funnelle Hall will be used to house additional students who may need to be moved into campus-supported quarantine rooms as part of the move from baseline COVID-19 testing to aggressive surveillance testing.

Funnelle Hall was recently renovated and slated to be offline this semester, officials said.  It contains 208 rooms, each to be used as single rooms for students who need to quarantine.  

“We are significantly increasing ongoing on-campus testing immediately,” said Stanley.  “I have charged the SUNY Oswego campus to continue administering saliva-based testing for the rest of the semester as we move from baseline testing to aggressive surveillance testing.  Such continued testing will support our ongoing efforts to monitor and protect all members of the SUNY Oswego community.”

Since the college began the intense effort of baseline testing on August 12, with the active involvement and support of our partners at SUNY Upstate Medical University, SUNY Oswego has conducted nearly 6,000 tests of our students upon their initial arrival to campus and at numerous testing sites on campus over the past two weeks.  Today, as of 4:30 p.m., the college is reporting a cumulative total of 36 confirmed positive cases since testing began Aug. 12.

In her message to the campus community, Stanley shared that despite the rise in cases this weekend, the college is seeing a "very low infection rate and are faring better than many other campuses across the state and around the nation at this time."

"Testing helps us identify COVID-19 on our campus so that we can begin care for those who test positive, and take swift action to limit the spread to others,” she said

Officials said the college was "closely monitoring" results daily and taking appropriate action in consultation with the Oswego County Health Department.  Residential students who test positive are moved to campus-supported isolation rooms, and residential students who may have been in close contact with those who have tested positive are moved into campus-supported quarantine rooms.

According to college officials, SUNY Oswego is also working with the city of Oswego and a private engineering firm to analyze wastewater discharge to provide the ability to identify traces of COVID-19 in our wastewater as another monitor for campus and community health.

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