Pictured above are Andrea del Pino Mosquera, left, and Ricardo Lorona Altamiro, right, two students from Ecuador who received a bronze medal for their “Quark” robotics project.

OSWEGO — National and international students who submitted environmental consciousness projects to the ninth annual GENIUS Olympiad were awarded Friday at the Marano Campus Center.

The Global Environmental Issues U.S. (GENIUS) Olympiad, hosted annually by SUNY Oswego, promotes a global understanding of environmental issues and the achievement of sustainability through basic science, arts, creative writing, engineering, design, and business development, according to event organizers.

"SUNY Oswego is thrilled to host, for the ninth consecutive year, the GENIUS Olympiad environmental solutions competition for high school students from around the world," said SUNY Oswego President Deborah F. Stanley in a release. "They inspire us with stories about their research and creativity to make the world a better, more healthy and sustainable place, and with the efforts they and their supporters have undertaken to make the journey to Oswego."

This year, judges received 1,657 project submissions from 76 different countries in the science, art, creative writing, robotics, business, short film, and music cateories. The list was then distilled to 789 finalists, which accounted for more than 1,400 students and supervisors from around the world.

“Thanks to all of our participants in the 2019 GENIUS Olympiad,” Chair of the Chemistry Department Fehmi Damkaci said in a release. “All participants were selected and deserved recognition. We hope that all students and supervisors went back home with something learned or experienced at GENIUS Olympiad to have a lifelong impact.” 

Individuals with a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree in any of the STEAM fields required were encouraged to participate as judges during this year’s event. Judges awarded the top project for each category with the top grand gold prize, followed by a gold medal awarded to the top 10 percent of all participants.

Silver and bronze medals were awarded to olympiad entrants in the top 20 and 30 percentiles respectively.

Representatives from some of the schools were also awarded with special distinctions.

The GENIUS Most Applicant School Award was granted to Jubilee High School for submitting the most number of projects.

The GENIUS Most Successful School Award was given to Ossining High School from Westchester County for being the winningest school during the olympiad.

Students who applied to SUNY Oswego were also recognized on stage with conditional acceptance letters and scholarships.

“I want everyone to know that everyone is a winner here today,” Damkci said.

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