SUNY aids Oswego Health with use of ultra-cold freezer

Oswego Health Director of Pharmacy, Sandra Obleman, PharmD, RPh with the Ultra-Cold Freezer loaned by President Stanley at SUNY Oswego.

OSWEGO — SUNY Oswego has come to the aid of Oswego Health, providing an ultra-cold freezer to Oswego Hospital’s pharmacy ahead of the delivery of COVID-19 vaccine last week.

SUNY Oswego’s specialty freezer, which is necessary to store the available COVID-19 vaccine, was delivered to Oswego Hospital on Dec. 17 before Oswego Health received the vaccine on Dec. 23. Officials said the freezer provides Oswego Health with the ability to store the vaccine on site and increases the agency’s ability to vaccinate as many essential workers as possible in a short time frame.

The 7.5-cubic feet ultra-cold freezer is typically used in SUNY Oswego’s Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Center, and is one of four ultra-cold freezers SUNY Oswego has on its campus but the only one that is portable.

Oswego Health and SUNY Oswego officials said the move demonstrates the collaboration and teamwork in the community during a critical time in the pandemic.

“SUNY Oswego commends Oswego Hospital’s swift mobilization of the vaccine and was pleased to loan the ultra-cold unit during these extraordinary times,” said SUNY Oswego President Deborah F. Stanley

SUNY Chancellor James Malatras said the commitment to the community by SUNY Oswego "give us all great pride in being part of the SUNY family."

“Throughout this pandemic, our greatest achievements in battling this vicious virus has been through our work together—and our SUNY campuses have time and time again answered the call to help their communities," Malatras said. "As Oswego Hospital is administering COVID vaccinations, the hospital has been supported by SUNY Oswego that has provided much needed freezers to safely store the vaccines."

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