Summer paving set to begin in city

OSWEGO — The proposed, expanded city of Oswego 2019 paving project starts today and local officials say it will heavily focus on the east side of the city, aiding roadways that have been “neglected for far too long.”

Starting at 7 a.m. today, selected streets east of the Oswego River will be milled and later paved by employees of Fulton-based Riccelli Enterprises, according to a release from Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow.

This year’s phase of the project, scheduled to last about a month, will start on Gregory Street and move eastward. Barlow said the project will cost roughly $657,000, which he deemed an “investment.”

“Our plan addresses some of the worst streets in the city and at the same time improves streets in our neighborhoods and near our parks, complementing other investments over the last three years,” Barlow said.

Over the last three years, Barlow said the city has spent more than $3 million on street improvements, filling in potholes, reconstructing sidewalks and curbs and adding acoutrement to the city’s byways.

Barlow asked motorists to be prepared to bear with inevitable traffic snarls.

“I’d ask motorists to be patient with the upcoming detours as we work to recover our roadways that have been neglected for far too long,” he said.

  • Mitchell Street (St. Paul Street to East 9th Street)
  • Church Street (Cherry Street to East 7th Street)
  • Hamilton Street (East 7th Street to East 8th Street)
  • Burkle Street (Syracuse Avenue to East 8th Street)
  • Bunner Street (Syracuse Avenue to East 8th Street)
  • East 8th Street (Hamilton Street to Burkle Street)
  • East 8th Street (Bridge Street to Utica Street)
  • East 9th Street (Oneida Street to Utica Street)
  • East 3rd Street (East Oneida Street to East Utica Street)
  • Gregory Street (Washington Boulevard to Route 104)
  • West Albany Street (West 4th Street to Dead End)
  • West 4th Street (Niagara Street to Albany Street)
  • West 10th Street (Albany Street to Erie Street)
  • Northwest 9th Street "the lane" (SR104 to West Seneca Street)
  • East 6th Street (Utica Street to Church Street)
  • East 8th Street (Utica Street to Church Street)
  • East 9th Street (SR104 to Cayuga Street)
  • East Cayuga Street (East 8th Street to East 9th Street)
  • West 8th Street (SR104 to Utica Street)

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