Stoddard named as the Volney Elementary School Principal

Photo of Elizabeth Stoddard.

Volney — Elizabeth Stoddard achieved her ultimate administrative goal when she became the new Volney Elementary School principal, effective July 1.

 Helping children grow and succeed has always been her passion. While she has been in the educational field for 18 years, Stoddard said leading an elementary school has always been something she desired.

 “(Elementary students) have a greater passion for learning; it’s unmatchable,” she said. “With the younger kids, you also have a greater opportunity to make change and success before behaviors are set in stone.”

 She began her educational career in Universal Pre-Kindergarten before she taught middle school science and sixth-grade English language arts. In the Fulton City School District, she has worked in four positions in three buildings. Most recently, she was the assistant principal at the Fulton Junior High School.

 Her move from the classroom to an administrative position was natural, she said, as she wanted an opportunity to make a great impact on several students. Stoddard said her desire to broaden her interests in data and curriculum will play a significant role in her new position.

 She obtained her bachelor’s degree in elementary education and biology from SUNY Potsdam and her master’s degree in literacy from SUNY Oswego. Stoddard also achieved a certificate of advanced studies in administration from SUNY Oswego.

 Stoddard said she is ecstatic to delve into her new position and cannot wait for students to arrive in September. With the FCSD at the onset of its five-year Strategic Coherence Plan, she said a big part of her work will ensure Volney Elementary’s goals align with that document.

 Her Volney pride is alive and well.

 “Volney is a strong community and a family atmosphere,” Stoddard said. “I hope I can continue to lead that culture. I grew up here, graduated from GRB and I live in Volney. I’ve always known I never wanted to leave Fulton and it worked out.”

 While she would like to eventually explore the leadership capacity of Volney’s sixth-graders to ease their transition to FJHS, she said she is thrilled to get to know faculty and staff members better throughout the next several months.

 When not at school, Stoddard said she has remained active in spending much time with family, including her husband and four children.

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