Upstate NY Power Corporation’s plans to run power from a wind turbine farm on Galloo Island in Jefferson County, through sections of Oswego County, has been met with resistance by a few county legislators.

The company has proposed to construct a 50.6-mile transmission facility that would be placed on monopole structures and eventually enter Oswego County in the town of Sandy Creek.

Upstate NY Power plans to install 77 wind turbines on Galloo Island, which is located approximately 12 miles off the shore of Lake Ontario.  The project would include a 230 kilo-volt transmission facility that runs underwater and would end up on land in the town of Henderson, in Jefferson County.

Oswego County officials are concerned because the proposed on-land route transmission line could have a negative impact on landowners and homeowners, and has the potential to negatively affect real estate values and scenic vistas.

“I wanted to go on record to say that the way that it is proposed right now is going to be an absolute disaster to farmers in the northern end of the county,” said Paul Forestiere, executive director of Cornell Cooperative Extension.

The proposed electric transmission line construction calls for the monopole structures to go through farmland in Oswego County. The concern is that it could affect the future development of farm businesses, potentially decreasing yields from agricultural land.

“If this comes through our county — Sandy Creek, Richland, Pulaski, part of Mexico — it is going to be a permanent scar on the landscape,” said Oswego County Legislator Shawn Doyle, R-Pulaski. “It is going to negatively impact our tourist industry and affect our redevelopment of our communities, our land use plan that we have spent seven years working on. It is a huge negative effect.”

Members of the Oswego community are pushing to have the transmission line run underground, as Doyle noted that the majority of the power generated from the Galloo Island project would be transported to Nassau County where, due to zoning ordinances, the power lines are required to be placed underground.

“It is good enough for them when they get the power, but it is not good enough for us up here,” he said.

Doyle added that there is “negligible” revenue for people who allow the lines to be put up through their property.

“I’m not against power generation, I’m not against windmills, but there are plenty of alternatives,” he said.

On Tuesday, members of the Legislature passed a resolution urging the New York State Public Service Commission to require that the Upstate NY Power Corporation provide a study of various alternative routes for the transmission line, particularly focusing on an analysis for the construction of underwater electric transmission facilities from Galloo Island, Jefferson County to Nine Mile Point, in Scriba.

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