Emane Bouffard

Fifteen-year-old Emane Bouffard, pictured above, was found Tuesday after her parents reported her missing for nearly two weeks. 

OSWEGO — Emane Bouffard, a teenager previously reported missing, was found in Syracuse Tuesday and her mother says she is “totally relieved.”

The 15-year-old reportedly ran away from a Syracuse area children’s home on July 8, according to her mother Cynthia Bouffard, who added the family tracked Emane through her Facebook posts and finally found her in Syracuse Tuesday.

“I am very glad about that,” Bouffard said in regards to finally being re-united with her daughter. “It was a very hard process, but she seems to be in good health and eating and sleeping a lot.” 

Originally from Ethiopia, Bouffard and her husband adopted Emane in January 2016, along with two of her siblings. Another nearby couple adopted Emane’s other two siblings.

Bouffard said Emane has “a lot of trauma in her background” and a history of running away. In the past, however, Emane would turn up within a few hours, according to Bouffard, who said the teen had a history of escaping from the orphanage in Ethiopia.

“She had been posting on Facebook and I messaged one of the people she had been posting pictures of,” Bouffard said. “I let him know she was a minor and that she has health issues. He said he wasn’t with her, but that he would call if he saw her.” 

Further, Bouffard said the man called her late Tuesday, which prompted her and sister and husband to rush to Syracuse. The family found Emane on the sidewalk near Teal and Hawley Streets.

As the family recovers, Bouffard said the situation was like “nothing she would like to live through again.” She also thanked the Oswego Alliance Church for “praying for us” and the family finding “comfort in those prayers.”

“They held a special prayer meeting for her and our family,” Bouffard said. “That was a real blessing. They really support theirs.”

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