Police: Men lured to bogus Xbox sale then robbed at gunpoint

Michael J. Sanderson

SCRIBA — A Fulton man was arrested on felony robbery and weapons possession charges after allegedly holding a trio of victims at gunpoint to steal a video game console.  

Michael J. Sanderson, 32, of West 11th Street, Fulton, is charged with first-degree robbery, a class B felony, third-degree criminal possession of a weapon, a class D felony, and fourth-degree grand larceny, a class E felony.

Police said Sanderson was arrested Monday evening following an incident in the town of Scriba in which authorities allege he held three victims at gunpoint while stealing a Microsoft Xbox One gaming console and accessories. Authorities said prior to the theft Sanderson agreed to purchase the items from the victims using an online marketplace.

The Oswego County Sheriff's Office said the Scriba incident occurred at a residential location in Scriba that Sanderson provided after connecting with the three victims on Facebook Marketplace. When the three victims arrived with the items, Sanderson allegedly held the individuals at gunpoint while stealing the gaming console.  

Officials from the county sheriff's office said incidents in which online buyers and sellers are the victims of theft and robbery are frequent, and cautioned people engaging in such activities to be smart and meet in front of police stations or in other open, public areas.

Deputies said Sanderson was arraigned in Oswego County CAP Court and is being held on the June 29 charges and other unrelated charges. Sanderson is scheduled to appear in Scriba Town Court July 2.

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