Emane Bouffard

Fifteen-year-old Emane Bouffard, pictured above, was found Tuesday after her parents reported her missing for nearly two weeks. 

SYRACUSE — The parents of 15-year-old Emane Bouffard say the girl ran away from a Syracuse area children’s home nearly two weeks ago, and her mother is seeking public help in locating the teenager.

Cynthia Bouffard said the teenager left a Syracuse area children’s home July 8, wearing grey sweatpants, a red top and fuchsia and white slides on her feet. Emane is about 4’10” tall and was wearing a wig with long, curly hair and blond highlights at the ends.

“We want to find her,” Bouffard said. “So we have to get the community involved here because she’s not coming up by herself.”

Emane was reportedly last seen in Syracuse July 11 near the corner of Salina Street and Clinton Street. By the time police arrived, however, she could no longer be located.

Originally from Ethiopia, Bouffard and her husband adopted Emane in January 2016, along with two of her siblings. Another nearby couple adopted Emane’s other two siblings.

Bouffard said Emane has “a lot of trauma in her background” and a history of running away. In the past, however, Emane would turn up within a few hours, according to Bouffard, who said the teen had a history of escaping from the orphanage in Ethiopia.

Authorities are aware Emane is missing, Bouffard said, but the family was told 15-year-old runaways are not a priority. Efforts to reach the Syracuse Police Department and Elmcrest Children’s Home, where Bouffard said Emane ran away from, were unsuccessful as of press time Friday.

Bouffard is asking the public for help in locating Emane, and said anyone with information regarding her whereabouts can call her at 315-297-5361.

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