Oswego’s finest add K9 ‘Luke’ to roster

From left: Assistant Police Chief Zac Misztal, Officer Joshua Martin with K9 Luke, Mayor Billy Barlow, Police Chief Phillip Cady.

OSWEGO — The city of Oswego on Tuesday announced a 14-month-old Belgian Malinois as the newest member of Police Chief Phillip Cady’s active duty staff.

Mayor Billy Barlow announced in a press release the Oswego Police Department (OPD) had purchased and assigned “K9 Luke,” as he will be known. Luke’s specialty is explosive detection, Barlow said.

“I’d like to welcome our newest member of the Oswego Police Department, Luke, to our department and to the Oswego community,” said Barlow.  “Adding a bomb-sniffing dog to the Oswego Police Department will allow our police department to better serve our community and protect our residents during large community events and other dangers that can occur.”

Luke will join 8-year-old Dutch Shepherd Crixus on the city’s dog detective squad. Crixus’ specialty is narcotics detection and search techniques, OPD officials said. Crixus also makes frequent appearances at public events and in schools.

City leaders said Oswego would benefit particularly from Luke’s involvement with law enforcement regarding the Port of Oswego Authority, the first international on the Great Lakes from the St. Lawrence Seaway. Cady said the port brings in a “large amount of commercial and private vessel traffic.”

Luke has been assigned to Officer Joshua Martin, who will attend the 16-week Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Basic K9 handler school. After that training, Martin and Luke will attend a six-week explosive detection training. Luke will be present at events like Harborfest and Super DIRT Week, and will also assist in search and rescue situations, officials said.

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