Oswego Public Library to launch city-wide children’s scavenger hunt

One of the Three Little Pigs, seen above, is a part of the characters hiding around Oswego as part of the Oswego Public Library’s scavenger hunt.

OSWEGO — The Oswego Public Library is inviting families to participate in a scavenger hunt around the Port City based on the library’s summer reading program.

The Children’s Room at the public library, located at 120 E. 2nd St., Oswego, every summer provides a fun and engaging summer program based around a selected group of age-appropriate books. While the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented the usual end-of-summer celebration at the library, officials say the scavenger hunt will take its place.

“The finale is usually a big deal for the kids in our summer reading program,” said Karen Swartz of the Oswego Public Library. “We wanted to do something different for the finale.”

The library has been conducting its summer reading virtually, with families picking up their related crafts projects curbside. For the inaugural scavenger hunt, children and families will have to decipher clues based on the fairy/fantasy tales or Greek myths they have read this summer.

Fourteen local businesses have stepped up to participate, Swartz said, with one clue related to each business. Once figuring out the clue, hunters will need to identify the story and record where they located the secret signs — in the form of literary characters. Sleeping Beauty, Hercules, and Hansel and Gretel are among the 14 heroes and heroines hiding around Oswego waiting to be discovered.

The scavenger hunt will begin Aug. 11. Library officials say participants should return their completed hunt roster to the DVD drop slot to the left of the main door with name and address listed. Visit www.oswegopubliclibrary.org or call 315-341-5867 for more details.

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