Oswego Players back at it after a year ‘Departed’ from theater

Shown above during a past rehearsal left to right are Oswego Players Eric Cronk, Joshua Delorenzo, Tammy Thompson, Beverly Murtha and Steve Standish.

OSWEGO — The Oswego Players, Inc. are back on stage after an extended hiatus.

A little over a year ago, the Players were just a few weeks away from opening the doors to the Frances Marion Brown theater for the lively comedy, “Dearly Departed.”

The cast knew their lines, the stage was set and the excitement of everyone involved was running high, said Paul McKinney of the Oswego Players. Then, like so many other theater companies around the country, the lights went out and the house went dark: the COVID pandemic closed the doors for the remaining 2020 season.

Fast forward a year and the same show with an eager cast of actors and actresses are ready for another crack at opening night.

“The cast and crew met safely together recently in the theater to read through the script, share a few laughs and reconnect,” McKinney said. “And as expected, a few tears were shed as well.”

The cast will begin rehearsals within a few weeks to take advantage of this window of opportunity and whole heatedly look forward to welcoming patrons in to share the human relationships and foibles of the play’s dysfunctional but loving family, McKinney said.

“Dearly Departed” will open this August at the Frances Marion Brown Theater.

“Stay tuned Oswego!” McKinney said. “The Turpin Clan is coming to visit and you won’t want to miss the hilarious mayhem and the great ‘joy, joy, joy’ they will bring to all theater lovers out there.”

Dearly Departed by David Bottrell and Jessie Jones is made possible through special arrangements with Dramatists Play Service

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