Oswego Players’ ‘Annie Get Your Gun’: Buffalo Bill speaks!

The Oswego Players will present "Annie Get Your Gun" starting July 26.

Oswego Players’ ‘Annie Get Your Gun’: Buffalo Bill speaks!

Editor’s note: The Palladium-Times received the following correspondence, written on wet napkins and stuffed in a burlap sack. The sack bore a postmark for Denver, Colorado.

“Howdy Partners! Good News for all you cowpolk out there. We’re comin’ to Oswega late in July. July 26 through Aug. 4, we a-reckon. And we’ll be fixin’ to show off our stuff with lots of toe tappin’ music with our show “Annie Get Your Gun” on the Frances Marion Brown Theater for the Oswego Players, Inc.

Yes sir, we got lots of good tunes for yer to hum along to as well. How about… Doin’ What Comes Natur’lly, They Say It’s Wonderful, or There’s No Business Like Show Business, to wet your whistle.

Now for some of you folks out there that never heard of me, I’m Buffalo Bill.  Now hanker on up a rockin’ chair and listen a minute: These are mighty strong words I got to say. And ya don’t want to miss this one. Hear me?  See here’s how it all started….

I started my show in 1813 way out in North Platte, Nebraska. Ya see, I was fixin to have a real live outdoor western show that folks like yourself could come to a learn about the adventures out west. And wouldn’t ya know it, I even took my show to Europe and performed for Queen Victoria. I had shootin’ competitions, wild animals ta show off, broncos to wrestle, and sharp shooters like no other.

Now you folks musta heard bout Annie Oakley? Ya haven’t? Darn! How bout Frank E. Butler? Them’s two are the two best shots in the west, partners. We was here in Oswego with my show back in ’95, 1895, that is.

Surely some of ya remember that don’t ya?

Well dang it, that does it! You better be markin’ this down on your calendar. Cause them two’s a comin’ with their show, “Annie Get Your Gun” and you be needin’ to see them show off their talents along with lots of their friends. Hear me?  OK, get ya a piece a chalk and write this down fore yer get on to doin’ some other thing that makes no matter.  Here it is folks. Ya’all come, now.”

Matt Fleming will be directing the 1999 updated version of the original 1946 production. As a result of the fantastic turn out for auditions, he is proud to announce his talented cast. Cecelia Mitchell will be taking the stage in the title role of Annie Oakley and Derek Potocki will be returning to the FMB theater, this time, in the role of Frank Butler.

Dolly Tate will be a fun role for Jessie Dobrzynski, and new comer, Matthew Wood will play Charlie Davenport. Joshua DeLorenzo, fresh off the stage from the OP production of “What the Rabbi Saw,” is cast as Buffalo Bill Cody. Liam Kerr lends his talent to the role of Tommy Keeler, and Samantha Scheer will shine as Winnie Tate.

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