OSWEGO — Oswego Health’s annual Oswego Multi-Organ Blood Analysis to be held Saturday, Aug. 3 in the cafeteria of Leighton Elementary School, located on Buccaneer Avenue. Oswego Health and the Oswego Kiwanis Club are teaming up once again to offer the community this important screening.

This full battery of tests can help prevent potential health problems. The cost of the analysis is available at a discounted rate. Typically these tests can cost more than $340.

In addition, there are two optional tests that each cost an additional fee. They include a vitamin D screening and the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test, which is recommended to men older than age 50.

Community members are encouraged to make their appointment online at oswegohealth/blood analysis. Appointments can also be made by calling 315-326-8888 weekdays, to make an appointment.

The website can be accessed 24 hours a day. The screening will be offered from 6:30-10 a.m. A 12-hour fast is required. Checks to cover the cost of the screenings should be made out to Oswego Health.

The analysis screens individuals for various conditions such as anemia, diabetes, and others, as well as for coronary, kidney, and liver diseases. The most popular screening at the event is the portion of the analysis that assesses LDL and HDL cholesterol along with triglycerides. The analysis along includes the TSH screening that tests for thyroid conditions.

Lab technicians from Oswego Hospital will be on hand to conduct the blood draw. The results of the multi-organ blood analysis will be sent directly from the Oswego Hospital lab to the participant’s physician for review and then to the patient in an easy to read format.

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