OSWEGO — The Oswego Fire Department has released more details regarding the fire that tore through a west side home on Wednesday night.

According to a release from the office of Oswego Fire Department (OFD) Chief Randall Griffin, the owner of the 69 W. 3rd St. home reportedly started the fire but no one — resident, firefighter or bystander — was injured.

OFD personnel were alerted to the fire at 8:10 p.m. and it took just two minutes for firefighters to arrive on scene, where flames could be seen shooting out of the building’s roof.

Crews battled the conflagration as the sun went down and a crowd of onlookers gathered in the area around West Schuyler and West Seneca streets. Firefighters climbed on the roof to pursue the fire on the upper floors, while the front of the house was doused with water from a fire hose team.

“Fortunately, the occupants, all college students, were able to escape the fire without injury,” Griffin said. “This fire, however, could have had a much more tragic outcome.”

Griffin said according to the owner of the building, the owner had been doing work cutting a metal roof that “hours before” started a small fire.

“Although (the owner) thought the fire had been extinguished, the fire was actively burning the wall of the house and eventually spread to the attic,” Griffin said.

It was only when one of the residents walked outside and looked back at the house they noticed the smoke and fire. The other residents were immediately alerted and the fire department summoned.

“This house had working smoke detectors, however if this fire went unnoticed in the middle of the night, the outcome could have been tragic,” Griffin said, noting more than 3,500 Americans died in house fires in 2018.

“Having working smoke detectors, closing your door when you sleep, properly discarding smoking materials and calling the fire department at the first sign of fire can save lives and reduce damage to your property,” he said.

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