Oswego County OB-GYN marks 60 years of local care

The office of Oswego County OB-GYN in Oswego, built in 1986 and occupied since by the women’s care practice. OCOBGYN is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

OSWEGO — Oswego County OB-GYN (OCOBGYN) is noting its diamond anniversary for 60 years of continuous operation.

The practice was founded in 1961 after Dr. Joseph Edmund Mather joined pediatrician Dr. James Grant and general practitioner Dr. William Quigley. The three joined to open the first OB-GYN clinic in Oswego County at 42 Montcalm St., Oswego.

“We have been able to continue our services for the community (for the last six decades), and we are proud of that,” said Daniel Mather, practice manager and the founder’s son.

Obstetrics and gynecology is a medical branch concerned with childbirth and the study of medicine related to the female reproductive system. It’s a critical component of complete women’s health care.

Daniel Mather said the private practice took off in 1980 after Dr. Ronald Uva joined after graduating from SUNY Upstate Medical University.

“As soon as I started, Dr. Grant retired, and that’s when we made it Oswego County OB-GYN,” Uva said.

According to Uva, before his venture into the business, the practice’s name was “Mather and Grant,” but soon after his introduction they rebranded it as OCOBGYN.

After Uva joined, the practice saw growth, adding new staff and locations. Mather said that OCOBGYN added several new doctors, a new Fulton office in 1983, and built the current office in 1986.

Two of Dr. Joseph Edmund Mather Sr.’s sons joined the practice. Dan Mather joined the team in 1985, and his brother, the late Dr. Joseph Edward Mather, joined in 1986 as another OB-GYN physician.

“It was an honor to work alongside my father. He was a great physician and businessman. He taught me a lot about the business,” Daniel Mather said. “My brother was a chip off the old block. He was a very caring physician. He cared about the patients first and foremost.”

Dr. Joseph Edward Mather worked alongside his family until he left the practice in 2010 due to complications from illness.

“The Mathers were great guys to work with,” Uva said. “They were gentlemen, personable, smart and they are still like family to me to this day.”

Uva said that the three of them, Dr. Joseph Edmund Mather, Dr. Joseph Edward Mather, and himself saw considerable growth in their clientele during the late 1980s. He said their services didn’t stop at OB-GYN but also included cancer treatment.

During his 30-year career, Uva said he would spend every third night sleeping in the hospital throughout his career due to his constant presence in helping women’s health in Oswego County.

“We were doing between 1,200 and 1,500 deliveries a year, which is an astounding amount for only three people to do,” he said, describing their hectic schedule. “It was a daunting task.”

Daniel Mather described his father as a hard-working man who “wanted the best for Oswego County women.”

“My father expected perfection from his staff, and he instilled an exceptional work ethic,” he said. “He cared deeply for the women of Oswego County and felt they deserved the finest care that could be delivered, and he strived for it.”

The practice has always focused on being on the leading edge of technology and innovation, Mather and Uva noted.

Some notable advancements in the practice included central New York’s first ultrasound machine in the ‘90s and transitioning to an entirely online base for their medical records in 2003.

According to Mather, OCOBGYN went fully digital with its medical records to move documents quickly between their Oswego, Fulton, and former Mexico location. Beyond being the most advanced women’s health facility in the county, the way customers are treated has always been a very important component of their services.

“They wanted it to be a personal relationship for the patients. They have always taken care of people in the county,” Daniel Mather said. ”The socio-economic makeup of Oswego County is very diverse, and so we’ve taken care of everybody through the 60 years.”

“We pride ourselves in the fact that we didn’t restrict who we saw,” Uva said.

To contact OCOBGYN, call 315-343-2590 or visit www.ocobgyn.net

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