Oswego County and partners release community video series

THE “STRENGTH” OF OSWEGO COUNTY – The first in a series of four videos telling the story of how Oswego County has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic will be released Tuesday, July 28. The videos build on the keywords of “Strength,” “Hope,” “Collaboration” and “Perseverance” and demonstrate community activities defined by those words over the past four months in Oswego County.

OSWEGO — Building on the keywords of “Strength,” ”Hope,” “Collaboration” and “Perseverance,” and driven by the demonstration of community activities defined by those words over the past four months, Oswego County has announced the release of “Strength,” the first in a series of four locally-inspired videos showing how Oswego County has become stronger during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The videos were developed in partnership with the County of Oswego Industrial Development Agency, Operation Oswego County, Oswego Health, and SUNY Oswego; and were created and produced by Step One Creative and Kyle Ridlon Productions.

The first video is posted on oswegocounty.com and will be posted on partner agency websites and social media channels.

Videos will be released on Tuesdays.

“The messages are meant to inspire hope, confidence and a desire to work harder together to come out of the current environment with a united desire to continue to support each other going forward, and to create an even better sense of community than we had before the fateful COVID-19 announcement in March,” said Oswego County Legislature Chairman Jim Weatherup.

The videos contain footage and graphics showing people, events and communities across Oswego County, drawing on the area’s rich history as well as businesses’ and residents’ experiences in responding to the pandemic.

“It is in our mission to support and grow Oswego County’s economy to lead to a better quality of life for our businesses, industries, and citizens. We work toward that goal every day. When we saw the courageous response to the COVID-19 pandemic from individuals, organizations, and businesses throughout the county, there was no question we wanted to partner on this video project,” said L. Michael Treadwell, executive director, Operation Oswego County.

“The County of Oswego IDA’s mission is to enhance the economic vitality of Oswego County’s businesses and industries. We welcomed the opportunity to partner on these videos which highlight the resiliency of Oswego County’s businesses and citizens in the face of this pandemic,” said Gary Toth, chair of the County of Oswego IDA.

County government began organizing its COVID-19 response team several weeks before the pandemic was officially declared in New York State.

In the process of identifying the needs of community responders, it quickly became evident that people and organizations from all walks of life wanted to help bolster response activities.

“Over these past few months, we have witnessed dozens if not hundreds of individuals, businesses and organizations who stepped up and found a way to assist the various protection and prevention efforts underway,” said Weatherup. “Businesses large and small, first responders, medical practitioners at all levels, students, teachers, farmers and individuals of all ages and from every economic position within our society came together to rally around stopping the spread of this virus and helping those physically and financially impacted by it.”

Oswego Health works closely with the county and New York State health departments to provide health care and testing resources at its facilities.

“Throughout this crisis the county and our health system have held strong. We have been able to collaborate to offer testing and care for our community. Though our numbers have been and remain low, we must persevere and remain vigilant to maintain these numbers,” said Dr. Duane Tull, chief medical officer with Oswego Health.

“No one knows how long we will have to fight but with the college, businesses and schools re-opening we must continue to work together to protect each other. Social distancing and masks remain our best defense. Please stick with it, protect yourself and others as we persevere through this trying time.”

Deborah Stanley, president of SUNY Oswego, said, “SUNY Oswego faculty and staff have been grateful for the true spirit and effective benefits garnered from collaboration with our community.”

The college community includes more than 7,100 undergraduate students, and faculty presenting 120 academic programs.

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