OSWEGO — City school officials are urging parents and guardians to make plans now for the possibility of closing school buildings for any and all in-person learning.

In a letter sent home and an accompanying release from Oswego City School District (OCSD) Superintendent Dr. Mathis Calvin, the top Buccaneer appealed for families to “have alternate plans in place for if the district goes to all-virtual learning.”

“Should we experience even higher levels of exposure or an increase in staffing or student absences, please know that the district will have no choice but to reconsider our ‘in-person’ programming,” said Calvin. “If any of the concerns above continue to worsen, we will be unable to maintain the appropriate staffing levels needed to operate our programs safely and effectively.”

Should a move to full-time online instruction occur, the district would employ its emergency model of virtual instruction for all students as explained in its re-opening plan on page 14 under “Preparing for a Future Shutdown.” A full version of this plan can be located on the district website at Oswego.org/Covid.

“Please know the district is committed to doing everything possible to prevent enacting this emergency model,” said Calvin.

An emergency shutdown would be communicated to parents, guardians and staff by phone, email or text via the district’s mass communication system and the through local media, officials said. Questions or concerns should be directed first to a student’s building principal, or use the OCSD COVID-19 hotline at 315-341-2050.

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Without the student use of all district buildings and buses and associated employees does this mean my school taxes will be adjusted downward?

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