Near-record Lake Trout caught off Oswego

Oswego's Captain Andy Bliss holds a massive Lake Trout caught recently in Lake Ontario.

LAKE ONTARIO — Oswego’s Captain Andy Bliss has been fishing the waters around the Port City for more than three decades but says a recent charter catch was the largest he can recall. Bliss, of Oswego-based Chasin’ Tail Adventures, was on the fishing vessel “Extra Dirty” with fellow outfitters Dirty Goose Sportfishing when an angler hooked into the 41.5-inch Lake Trout seen above.

“It makes my heart race just thinking about it,” Bliss told The Pall-Times.

The monstrous fish was caught on a Hammerhead Cowbell in 150 feet of “crystal clear” Lake Ontario water.

“We could see him coming in and I thought, ‘it’s a big one,’” Bliss said. The fight lasted roughly 10 minutes. Bliss and the other fishermen quickly took measurements of the fish’s length and girth (22 inches) before quickly returning it to the water. A Lake Salmon that size could be up to 25 years old, a rare natural treasure that can’t survive very long outside its native environment.

“We released him and watched him swim away,” Bliss said, somewhat disappointed his group didn’t have time to take a weight measurement. “But I’d rather see him go alive.”

According to state environmental conservation officials, the largest Lake Trout on record caught in New York is 42.75 inches.

Captain Andy Bliss can be reached at or go to for more local fishing info.

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